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Standard Server Monitoring - Service Packages

To comply with your specific requirements, we offer 4 different monitoring packages. In general we monitor every of your server's port, as far as accessible from outside.

Ordinarily these are:

http Hypertext Transfer Protocol  
https Hypertext transfer protocol secure


File Transfer Protocol
pop3 Post Office Protocol Version 3


Internet Message Access Protocol
smtp Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


Secure shell




Graphic administration interface


Further services, available from outside

On request, our system is capable to exclude specific ports from monitoring.

bronze server monitoring image.
1 Server
Monitor every
60 Minutes
4 EUR / Month
plus VAT
silver server monitoring image.
1-5 Server
Monitor every
20 Minutes
8 EUR / Month
plus VAT
gold server monitoring image.
1-10 Server
Monitor every
5 Minutes
15 EUR / Month
plus VAT
platinum server monitoring image
1-20 Server
Continuous Monitor
Every Minute
25 EUR / Month
plus VAT

For monitoring INTERNAL SERVICES of your server, we recommend our